PURPLE SAGE--- Sound & Touch Therapy



Quotes I called Jann after hearing about her from a friend. My husband was 38 years old, we had 4 little girls, and he had only been given a short time to live due to lung cancer. He had a large tumor on his right shoulder that left his arm totally useless, he couldn't even raise it. Jann worked on him one time and the life came back into his eyes, and he was able to move his arm. Jann continued to work on him daily, however, he passed away a short time later, but peacefully, pain free and in acceptance and at ease with his cancer and knowing he was going to die. I will always be thankful for the help she gave him and our family. Quotes
Dee Stein
Tracy, CA

Quotes God has really blessed Jann with the gift of healing! I was suffering from severe migraines 24/7 for over a year. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong and I was taking a lot of medications that didn't work. Jann did a tapping session on me, and the pain was gone instantly! No joke! I could feel relief in my eyes and face. I even said "its gone, its gone!" I did get a slight headache the next day, and we tapped again. My headaches have been completely gone ever since and its about 4 years. Thank you God, and thank you Jann! Quotes
Judy Whetstone
niece, San Diego, CA

Quotes My wife and I owned a horse that was having trouble walking stemming from the rear leg. After consulting a vet, we were told it had developed bone spurs in one rear leg and surgery was the only option. Jann started working on him, and in a short time, he was doing really well. We had an x-ray done on him, and the bone spurs were gone! The vet couldn't understand this. We were very happy and again able to ride our horse. Thank you Jann for all your work. Quotes
Bob & Kathy Anderson
Livermore, CA