PURPLE SAGE--- Sound & Touch Therapy


Sound/Vibrational Sessions


This photo is from a Health Faire I hosted and I was giving free tuning fork sessions.

Sound healing is another ancient art.  I use OHM tuning forks, color tuning forks, crystal & Tibetan bowls, and the Native American drum and rattle while the recipient is laying on a table fully clothed, under color therapy lights and is listening to alpha wave music (which puts them into a deep state of relaxation). The different sounds/vibrations resonate with the different areas in the body working thru the cells, organs and spinal column breaking up blockages, releasing pain, and aligning and balancing the chakras, allowing the healing process to begin. The lights offer a soothing and comforting technique and are healing as well. I combine REIKI and also add crystals to this for a truly awesome and relaxing experience. 


Relieves stress, tension, pain & headaches, provide a deep state of relaxation as well as promote a better sleep, balances the nervous system, increases physical energy, integrates left & right brain thought patterns, mental clarity and SO much more!

Sound therapy is being used more and more in traditional fields to enhance learning, treat stress & pain, and to bring about general healing.  The many forms include crystal & metal singing bowls, drums, rattles, didjeridoos, ohm-ming, colored lights, Alpha & Theta wave music, as well as tuning forks.


EAR CONING (candling)



 This is an ancient technique that has been around for thousands of years and has been used by many different cultures including the Egyptians, the Mayans, Native Americans, and the Chinese, and started out with a reed from a creek that was used much the same as we do an ear candle now.

It works by allowing the heat of the flame to create a smoke vortex tunneling down into the ear canal, thus stimulating blood and lymph circulation and drawing up the debris and congestion from the ear.  It can relieve sinus irritations, remove ear wax, relieve ear infections, relieve buzzing in the ear, help with head presssure and balance, help with lymph drainage, stimulates the ear bio-energy points, and soothes and relaxes.

The candles are made of beeswax and infused with herbs and other healing properties.  They are long and tapered and the small end goes slightly into the ear canal while the top of the candle burns.  This is a safe procedure without involving falling ashes or hotness in the ear.  It is totally soothing and relaxing.  Generally 3 sessions of a week apart are suggested for the first time.